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Aug 29, 2019

Matt & Brendan opted for the physical challenge during the annual M&B Lock-In After-Draft Party at Banner Collective, with help from buddy JV. Brendo went blue early & Matty channeled Air Jordan. Plus: the births of Rowan Dahl & a new M&B business venture!

Aug 23, 2019

Fresh off a blowout loss in the 16-inch co-ed softball playoffs, Brendan helps RaShanah welcome Bella from the Chicago Park District.
Bella fills the Good in Chicago hosts in on all things parks, specifically in Brendan's home neighborhood of Bucktown.

Bella appreciates the fact Brendan always picks up after...

Aug 9, 2019

As part of a mission to highlight the good in all 77 neighborhoods, the Good in Chicago podcast finds itself in Bronzeville at Chicago's Home of Chicken and Waffles. RaShanah recalls her cheerleader days, when her squad marched in the Bud Billiken Parade.

Brendan expressed his delight at the meal served to him...

Aug 7, 2019

Matt & Brendan anxiously await a 4th bundle of joy. Would Matt leave a fire to attend the birth? Doc Rhubarb unintentionally insulted a Grundy County Speedway fan's intelligence when referring to a Logic video. Mad Dawg is really digging his Adidas slides

Jackson wasn't a big fan of Toy Story 4, which Matt didn't...