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Jan 29, 2014

How about we listen to Matt and Brendan? They say they'll flip ya, flip ya for real. Find out if you're a winter guy or a summer guy and learn about lukewarm hidden treasures. Finally, don't forget to leave contact info for your next of kin.

Jan 22, 2014

This is why they hot M&B hot cause they fly Puddles, work troubles not Get yo'self a corn dog O' blanketed pig If it include hog It info y'all rig Ah, remember Mims? Anyway, listen to Matt & Brendan! (Nothing to do w/Mims, except shared of

Jan 15, 2014

Matt and Brendan collectibles are coming to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center! Featuring an array of lost relics from their WCKG days and a special reminder that Matty and Brendo may have cost some kids in California an education! Afterwards, to

Jan 8, 2014

One, two, Matt and Brendan are coming for you. Three, four, Salute Your Shorts. Five, six, insomnia tricks. Seven, eight, M&B show, don't hate.

Jan 1, 2014

Matt and Brendan's NYE podcast is full of slutty guessing games, sex wagers and famous killers. Happy New Year from Matty and Brendo.