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Nov 28, 2012

Today’s Matt & Brendan show is brought to you by the letter “B”. B stands for B96, which inspired a topical musical conversation between M&B. B also stands for Bros.- Ringling Bros, to be exact. Matt’s circus experience was something to B stands for

Nov 21, 2012

Matt & Brendan count blessings on their Thanksgiving week show. Things they’re thankful for include: • Day-drinking • book trilogies • 5 boroughs • MTV’s “Catfish” • Dress-up days • Arcades • Coat hooks • Railroad safety • Fine wine • Bar

Nov 14, 2012

Matt & Brendan continue their weekly quest for answers to the mysteries of life. This time around they chase after a mythical beast, fact check legends from long ago and uncover the minty secret to nighttime glory. For each head cut off, the Hydra

Nov 7, 2012

Matt & Brendan explore personal preferences on this week’s show. Playing guinea pigs, M&B debate all sorts of theories, things and thoughts, aiming to give researchers all the info they might need for the future of consumerism and life Dr. Pepper, & a