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Oct 30, 2012

There’s no better feeling than seeking out an endeavor and completing a task 100% on your own. Matt & Brendan present all sorts of do-it-yourself activities on this week’s episode. There’s Halloween costume-design, haircuts, fruit peeling, pie cooling,

Oct 24, 2012

Maturity can grow by leaps and bounds in even a single week. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Matt & Brendan these past 7 days. They just don’t seem to be growing up. Take, for example, the case of M&B talking themselves into accepting a skills

Oct 17, 2012

Matt and Brendan are capable of epic fails and passing grades, as they display on this week’s edition of their show. It comes complete with moments that may cause you to shy away from loud noises outside, trudge red-faced out of supermarkets or adorn

Oct 10, 2012

Matt and Brendan will go barefoot. Even if they are giving piggy back rides through rough suburban terrain to return home at a completely reasonable hour of the night. No shower sandals for M&B either, as they discuss problems of leakage and And a

Oct 3, 2012

Matt and Brendan are lurkin’ around yo’ block. Whether it’s waiting outside a club for your wild limo driver or hanging in the back of the pimped out ride, lurkin’ abounds. Brendan’s front yard hang leads Matt to worry about dropping the ball in his