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Sep 26, 2012

Matt and Brendan are feeling especially fresh today…although they might just be high on dryer sheets. They’re big believers in the sensual ritual of the spin cycle. The show features a champagne solution and struggles with dirty thoughts surrounding a

Sep 19, 2012

Matt and Brendan switch the style up with a podcast recorded at La Casa de Brendan - aka Brendan’s apartment. Pet Lions were recording at a studio nearby and Matt is fresh off a weekend of drumming, Pizza Hut and PBR. Sitting in for Walter is purse a

Sep 11, 2012

Matt and Brendan are all about grooming this week. You might even say they’re Big Primpin’. At the same time, they remain committed to promoting positive body image for actresses with hot bodies. Matt and Brendan grapple with burdensome personal like

Sep 4, 2012

Get weird with Matt and Brendan as they explore awkward ways to turn everyday events into freaky fun. Is it bizarre to be at a party and point out that certain body parts are as unique snowflakes? Matty and Brendo say ‘absolutely not’. Is it odd to